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When there's no romance, just call a guy
There were barely any sparkles at all between the two. The guy and his wife had a romantic evening in the garden planned, but you know, it just wasn’t working out. So, the husband had to take this decision! Watch as their romantic evening progresses and a surprise unveils. A much younger, hotter, harder guy comes around when it’s dark already, and the fun starts. Eating and then pounding away at the wife’s hungry snatch, the guy turned the hubby into one happy cuckold! Finally, there were sparkles between the two at Help My Wife.

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Desperate husband paying to get cuckolded
The man was just having the worst day ever. Business was not going smooth enough, and his wife was being a total bitch. She wanted way more than he could give, and it was all about sex! The only idea the guy had seemed less and less crazy as the tension was growing. Well, at last he thought, what the hell. The idea was to call up a guy he knew and offer him some cash for doing his wife right there and then! Talk about a sexual handyman if you will. See the slut love every minute of the porking – and both actually looking happy in the end at Help My Wife!

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Getting a younger coworker to pound your wife
Why the couple was having that young dude over their place for drinks? Quite simple, actually. The husband, much older than the girl, complained at work that his wife was getting bitchy – and he could understand why. So, after some male talking, they had an idea. What if they all had drinks and then the younger guy had sex with her? Desperate, the husband agreed, but when after a few drinks the two started getting it on, the hubby actually felt a strange sort of pleasure! Watch as the guy watches his wife go crazy for younger cock – a happy family now at Help My Wife!

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Fat thick dripping birthday surprise for her
It was the girl’s birthday and her older (in fact, much older) husband could feel the tension in the air. Of course he had already given her presents but he felt she wanted something really special. So, he jokingly blindfolded her, rushed out and made a deal with a young, hard and hot neighbor. What kind of deal? Well, you know! The guy was to come and take care of her many needs. Oh boy did he take care of them! Thoroughly poked with his fat cock and creamed upon, the wife was glowing. Strangely enough, her husband was, too at Help My Wife!

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Housewarming and cuckolding party
When your wife is young and quite literally insatiable, what can you do? Well, this man here, he decided to take the cuckolding path. Gradually he realized it’s such a thrill watching his young lovely wife boned by strangers! So, they decided they’d celebrate moving into a new place by inviting a younger and virile guy to, you know, do the deed. Watch as they have the warm-up drinks and soon the stranger’s mouth around the man’s wife, not around the glass! Crazy from the doubled chemistry, the young wife enjoyed sucking and riding the guy all over her and her hubby’s new place at Help My Wife!

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